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Determining if Dachshund are the Right Breed for a Person
A person may be wondering if Dachshund is the right breed for them. Before a person’s proceed further in their quest for the Dachshund dreams a person should carefully think about the pros of Dachshund servitude.
There are main advantages of owning a Dachshund. A Dachshund will always love a person unconditionally. Having a pet is one of the ways which can be used in lowering blood pressure and assists in managing stress. Fulfilling the exercise needs of a dog can also keep a person in shape. A Dachshund is a great companion and listener. A Dachshund is good when it comes to warning a person if someone is outside the house.
If a person brings home a rescued Dachshund , a person can feel good about saving a life. And the dog of a person will show gratitude each day. A Dachshund can assist in teaching a child to respect and be kind to animals.
When it comes to personality, despite the size of a Dachshund, they are known to have a courageous nature and will take on animals who are much larger than them some Dachshunds can be aggressive towards other dogs and even strangers.
As a family dog, a Dachshund is a loyal companion and a good watchdog. A Dachshund is good with children when they are treated correctly. A Dachshund can be slightly difficult when it comes to training.
However, the personality traits of Dachshunds are different when it comes to their breeds. For example, a Dachshund of a long coat is calmer when compared to the variety with a smooth coat.
The breeding of Dachshunds was as hunters so it is not surprising that most of the breeds like digging. There are some who are barkers.
A Dachshund is prone to disk issues considering they have a back which is long, meaning it is not the best pet for a person with a lot of steps in a home. For the back of a Dachshund to be protected, the dog should not be allowed to jump on and off high places and the weight should always be in check.
A Dachshund of a smooth coat needs a little care for the coat apart from brushing that is occasional. For the variety of the long coat, brushing on a daily basis and combing is always advised. The Dachshund with a wire coat needs stripping like two times in a year and it is taken to be an average shedder.
A Dachshund can be a little stubborn but it is an excellent job if a person is owning a dog for the first time. As long as a person is patient with it, a Dachshund will also be patient with the person. A Dachshund will be happiest in houses without children who are young, because of their intense nature of prey drive and protective nature.
There are different places that a person can find Dachshund puppies for sale. A person can choose to go through a person who breeds them and choose one from there.

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